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Sabanci University

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About Sabanci University

In 1994 the Sabancı Group of Turkey decided to establish a “world university” led by the Sabancı Foundation. In the end, instead of choosing one university as a template or replicating existing examples and institutions,a new and unique university was designed. The main differentiation of  Sabancı University is its unique educational system. Sabancı University is a leading global university with interdisciplinary education that focuses on research and the individual; an environment of free academic choice and performance and a globally-influential faculty. Our university has become an international point of reference with its participation in flagship research projects; with its innovative model of education that gives its students full freedom in choosing their area of study.

Sabancı University offers 13 undergraduate, 23 master and 12 PhD programs, as well as minor honor degrees and double degrees under the roofs of three faculties:

  • Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Management

The Position of Sabancı University in ranking systems is as followings:

  • The most entrepreneurial and innovative university of Turkey in the Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index 2015
  • 13th in THE 100 under 50 Rankings 2015
  • 14th in the QS Emerging Europe&Central Asia Rankings 2015-2016
  • 22th in THE’s BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings
  • 21st in the THE Asia University Rankings 2015
  • Among top 350-400 universities in THE World University Rankings
  • Among top 441-450 universities in the QS World Rankings
  • EMBA is one of the top 100 Executive MBA programs in the world (FT Index)
  • One of the top  Business Schools in the world (ref: AACSB accrediation)

Highlights about Sabanci University:

  • 4000+ students, 7000+Alumni, 700+ International Students
  • All programs in English
  • Full or partial scholarships for international students Innovative Education / Interdisciplinary Programs
  • Study opportunity abroad (Europe, North America, Asia etc.) with exchange programs
  • 90% (avg) Post Graduation Employment
  • Academic Freedom: Undergraduate students choose their diploma program at the end of 2nd year
  • A global network with more than 200 agreements with the top universities: Europe+ North America+ Asia
  • Undergraduate double majors in 36 different combinations
  • Social responsibility: Civic Involvement Projects for undergraduate students
  • More than 3,000 in total* @ 1.5 per faculty member (2014) scientific and technical publications
  • 1.3 active externally funded research projects @ 500,000 ₺ active research funds per faculty member (as of 2015)
  • 104 invention disclosures, 54 patent applications, 19 patents granted (as of 2015)
  • 18 technology companies in the portfolio of Inovent, Turkey’s first technology accelerator
  • Turkey’s most advanced Nanotechnology Research and Application Center
  • Composite Technologies Center of Excellence – a unique example of university-industry partnership in Turkey
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